A Cooler and a Growler Walk Into a Bar

The Christmas shopping season is upon us and beer lovers are hoping to find some items under the Christmas tree as well. What better gift than a way to transport beer, keep it fresh and keep it cold? Grizzly Coolers and Hydro Flask have you covered with the Grizzly 16 cooler and the Hydro Flask […]

Rating on the Go with RateBeer

Who sits down to a desktop computer anymore? We live on our smart phones and tablets. As RateBeerians, we need to be able to check the beer we’re looking at in the store, review the beer we’re drinking at the bar and check the forums for the latest topics anywhere we might be. Here are […]

16th Annual Legendary Boonville Beer Festival

In Northern California we have an easy way to signal the beginning of the beer festival season: Boonville. Held among the redwoods and coastal range of Northern California, Boonville and host Anderson Valley Brewing Company are a short drive up the 101 and towards the coast from Bay Area communities. 

Which Campsite Cooler is For You?

Last summer, with an eye on outdoor activities, I took a look at soft-sided coolers. Coming in various shapes and sizes, it was important to note the capacity of these coolers as well as their ability to maintain the cold temperatures of the contents. As we at RateBeer get ready to kick-off the summer festival […]

Social Kitchen and Brewery Brings in New Brewmaster

When Social Kitchen and Brewery opened in San Francisco’s Inner Sunset, there was a lot of excitement. Rich Higgins, the president of the San Francisco Brewer’s Guild was brewmaster and a menu of session strength beers and food pairings was precisely on the pulse of the trends in the Bay Area. The location, formerly Wunder […]

Who’s Your Momma?

This Friday, RateBeer owner Joseph Tucker was on hand at the Russian River Brewing Company for the release of the latest batch of Beatification. Beer lovers lined up down the street to take home bottles of the sour barrel-aged beer. Even at $15 per 375 mL bottle, people were generally taking home their allotment of […]

Gluten-Free Beer: Dogfish’s Tweason’ale

Here are the Hop Press, I take a special interest in Gluten-Free beer as I have a wife who has celiacs. While she was never the beer drinker I am, it’s good to have an alternative when married to a geek like me. So I do my best to search through and discover the world […]

2012 RateBeer Best Awards Dinner: Taste The Top

San Francisco Beer Week has come and passed, so it’s around now that I’ve finally been able to rather my thoughts and get to writing about it. At RateBeer, we put on our first SF Beer Week event ever in a beer dinner celebrating the beer and breweries showcased in the RateBeer’s Best Awards for […]

Sweet Treats for you Beer Loving Valentine

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Not just any chocolate will do.¬†Surprise your sweetie with some treats that will please their sweet tooth as well as their love for beer.¬†

2012 Super Bowl Showdown

The biggest sporting event in the United States is easily the Super Bowl. Whether you love football or not, many people will find themselves sitting around the television for greasy snacks and lots of beer. While watching the best commercials money can by, be sure to have the appropriate beer for your rooting interests.